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Nourish With Renata

Hometown Food Heroes MerryMuffins – Healthy Treats with Heart

It’s a very rare and magical thing to find someone you connect with, especially about food! But I think I may have found my healthy food soulmate in Laura Grinstead at Merry Muffins!

Author: Renata
Jul 31,2018


Muffins With A Healthy Twist!

Have you ever heard of a Turkey Taco muffin? What about a Pizza muffin? Click below to see the video.

Stephanie Gonzalez
JUly 23, 2018


MerryMuffins Will Make You Rethink What You Know About Muffins

I’M PRETTY AMBIVALENT ABOUT MUFFINS. Because they don’t rank high in my baked goods power rankings, I tend not to think about them often, and when I do it’s only in extremes. In my mind, there are only the small ones that come in snack packs and the overly sweet monstrosities you get at the grocery store. Both are delicious, sure, but neither quite work for me on anything approaching a regular basis.

Author: Cory Garcia
May 11, 2018

Ivy and Sprig

Love Muffins!
A day in the Kitchen with Laura Grinstead

Recently, I had the chance to meet Laura Grinstead at her home to find out more about the delicious and healthy meal-in- a-muffin business that started out of her own kitchen. Let’s take a field trip to LOVE MUFFINS……it smells good the minute you open this door!

Author: Stephanie Hamilton (aka Ivy)
Nov 11, 2016

Lipstick & brunch

Houston Blogger Brunch at MerryMuffins: The Muffin Wonderland!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a muffins tasting; sounds yummy right? The muffins I tried were delicious and also made from wholesome savory and sweet ingredients to keep them on the healthy side. I saw the craziest savory ingredients you could ever have in a muffin like pepperoni, quiche (so great for breakfast), broccoli, turkey taco, chorizo biscuit, chocolate chip pancake and my personal favorite, because I have such a sweet tooth, the vegan chocolate. Don’t let the term vegan fool you, this is the most indulgent chocolate muffin you’ll ever eat!

Author: Nicole
Nov 09, 2017

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